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The Kubota M9000 is a M-series 2WD or 4WD utility tractor. This tractor was manufactured by Kubota from 1997 to 2005. The Kubota M9000 is equipped with a 3.3L turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine and one of two transmissions. : Synchronized reverser transmission with dry disc clutch and 8 forward and 8 reverse gears or reverser transmission with wet disc clutch and 8 forward and 8 reverse gears.

The Kubota M9000 utility tractor uses the Kubota V3300-TIE engine. It is a 3.3 L, 3,318 cm 2 (202.5 cu·in) four-cylinder diesel engine with 98.0 mm (3.86 in) cylinder bore and 110.0 mm (4.33 in). in) of piston stroke. The compression ratio is 21.8: 1. This engine produces 91.4 PS (67.2 kW, 90.0 HP) of net power, 81.2 PS (59.7 KW, 80.1 HP) at 2,600 PTO power output and 311.0 N·m (31.7 kg·m, 229.2 ft·lb) at 1,300-1.50 rpm of torque.

The Kubota M9000 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering, mechanical wet multiple disc brakes, two-post folding ROPS or cab with air conditioning (optional), and a 90.0-liter (23.8 US gal .; 19, fuel tank). 8 Imp. Gal) for ROPS version or 110 liters (29.0 US gal, 24.2 Imp. Gal) for cab version.

The versions of the M9000 tractor:

  • M9000F: 2WD с ROPS
  • M9000DT: 4WD с ROPS
  • M9000DTC: 4WD with cab
  • M9000DTL – Low Profile
  • M9000DTM – Busbar

The Kubota M9000 tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder Kubota V3300 liquid-cooled 202 ci [3.3 L] diesel engine with a capacity of 92.1 hp [68.7 kW] at 2600 rpm.

Kubota M9000 tractor with Kubota 3.3L 4-cylinder diesel engine, 4-wheel drive, 5560 lbs. [2522 kg] rear lift (at the ends), 5675 to 6750 lbs. Weight, hydrostatic power steering, and 51 engine oil capacity, 9 L [54.8 qts].

Accessories for Kubota M9000 tractors include a front loader:

  • Kubota LA1251;
  • Kubota LА1301.

Kubota M9000: diesel, 4 cylinders, bore x stroke: 98 x 110, liquid-cooled engine, 540 rpm power take-off, synchronized gearbox, inverter, 8 forward gears, 8 reverse gears. About the Kubota M9000 years
from 1999 to 2005

Our opinion on the Kubota M9000:

Diesel, four-cylinder engine, labor turnover rate greater than 2500, powered by 12V starter, 24V large battery, rather typical lighting, PTO with very good specs, no emergency brake assist, disc Rather inadequate, wet work, fairly light, on rough terrain or large farm, wide spacing, 2WD, hydrostatic control, timing, shuttle power, advanced transmission, average number of forward gears as a similar class model, a sufficient number of reverse gears.

The Kubota M9000 is an M-series utility tractor, first produced around 1997, and in production for about 8/9 years.

It has a 3.3-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine, with a power of about 90/92 hp, and a PTO of about 80/81 hp. It has a fuel capacity of just under 24 gallons (ROPS), 29 gallons (cab).

It has a hydrostatic transmission, power steering and a mechanical wet disc braking system.

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Kubota M9000


“The tractor has a lot of power for its size. The 23 gpm hydraulic flow is second in its class. It is really quiet and smooth running as the turbo and intercooler help. My tractor is over 1400 hours old and does not use oil, starts easily and drives like a smaller tractor. If you keep the condenser and evaporator clean, the air conditioning will freeze you. Plus it doesn’t have any emissions shit. “

“The Harry Sac review is strange in nature. I have not read any other reviews that say that a Kubota M9000 has had the problems that you have had. I sold them for years and have used them for years. You probably just need to paint it John Deere green and you’ll be content to just work on it and spend money on it. Good luck”.

“I’ve had good luck with the tractor, it might explode tomorrow. But I really like it. It has a Kubota LA 1251 loader. I’m happy with the tractor and loader. I cut hay, rake hay, and pull the baler with it. And I use it for feed in the winter. It has been very reliable. “

“I like it. It stays inside and has not been a problem. The Alo loader came with the unit and the rubberized joystick but it could be loosened with fine oil in the turning area.”

“We bought this new crap in 2003. We only use it to clean the barn yard and feed bales of hay. It doesn’t have enough power to do anything else. In the last 3 1/2 years we have rebuilt the plantar transmissions at the front end twice. as well as the front end ring and sprocket. Gutsless crap. “

“Absolutely the most reliable and trouble-free tractors we’ve ever had. We use them on a daily basis and employ them for everything from clearing and maintenance to cultivating. You just have to maintain them and they will perform well.”

“Bought this used tractor in early 2009 from a PA contractor. Well worth the cost and effort of driving from Wild West Texas 30 miles to New Jersey on I80 to get the beast. First time with a 4WD and A / C Cab tractor. Lots of power, extreme pulling and pushing power, especially with the front assist. Lots of rocks, mesquite and cactus here, so he put 14 front tarpaulins and 12 rear tires mounted. Kubota LA1251 loader with 84-inch bucket and double-fork bullet lance. Easily handles 1900lb + 4’x4’x8 ‘bales and 30-pack small square alfalfa bales. Any size round bale is child’s play. No I have a crawler on this ranch so I use it to remove trees, build tanks (ponds), etc. I have dug up to 6 ‘from the level by pulling the ripper and then moving the dirt with the bucket. This tractor has more power and is a lot quieter than anti two Ford and John Deere tractors. The cab makes a big difference, it allows more lights, making night work easier. “

“Very reliable. It had some rattles when it was new, but I removed them, the roll cage and the muffler fasteners. It works well with good torque. The paint holds up well, but the few colored plastic pieces have faded. The ALO front loader has been good, but the dual action is slow and the control cables need to be re-lubricated when they stick together. The QD hub works fine. “

“A simple and reliable tractor. However, the seat is of very poor quality and failed – we have had problems with the fuel lines like frozen lines but that comes with life in Canada. We had an employee who tried to destroy it in his first 3 years, it broke the grill, damaged the fenders, etc., but the machine continued to work. I would buy another one, but you have to know how to clean the fuel line or you will have problems, since the earwigs, etc., They love getting into the chute and after a while they hit the wrong spot and run out of power, this machine has never been back to the dealer for any repairs. “

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Kubota M9000

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