Ants in the country, enemies or friends?

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Ants in the garden

Two types of ants live in our gardens – this is a black harmless Lasiusniger and bright red ones from the genus Myrmica. Black ants sometimes enter the house in search of something sweet. Their bite is very weak, almost invisible to most people. But the burning pain from a myrmica bite is very sensitive and does not go away for a long time.

Ant Control Methods

These ants settle under stones, boards, pieces of old slate, in old stumps and just in the ground. They bring some benefits to the garden: they aerate the soil, attack small insect pests. But they also bring harm: aphids are bred – the worst enemy of the garden. Ants can be controlled with insecticides. Hormonal preparations Lafarex and Kombat created in the USA, quite harmless to humans, appear on sale. Ants are repelled by a mixture of wood ash and slaked lime. You can put a sponge soaked in a solution of honey or sugar at the place where the ants appear and, when the ants gather on it, throw it into boiling water. This operation must be repeated until the complete destruction of the family. Or grease the walls of a glass jar with sweet syrup, put the jar on its side in places where ants accumulate. Or feed the ants a mixture of honey and brewer’s yeast (2:1), after such a snack, they will soon die. You can pour the anthill with boiling water mixed with vegetable oil.

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