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Beautiful landscape design is the dream of any gardener. I would like our summer cottage to resemble a picture from the cover of a glossy magazine, to cause admiration and delight. I want to admire the beauty of my hacienda literally from the first step, as soon as you arrive at the dacha.

Landscaping paths

For a spectacular landscape design, everything must be harmonious and thought out. Ideally, if you have a prepared project and you do any planting or work, adhering to the plan. It is important to consider the correct planting of trees, flowers and shrubs. Plan a convenient and functional zoning of the territory. Your summer cottage should meet all your basic requirements and lifestyle.

Design of paths on the site

Often, a ready-made site design project is not a cheap pleasure. And its implementation by professional workers can cost a pretty penny. How to significantly reduce the cost of arranging your dacha?


In fact, a lot of things seem complicated only at first glance. But having carefully studied the technology of work, very soon you realize that there is nothing difficult in execution. The main thing is not to be afraid and bolder to implement your most daring landscape ideas.

Do-it-yourself landscape design of paths

Perhaps the main direction of landscape design are paths. It is they who visually divide the site into different zones and perform an important function for convenience and cleanliness. Today, there are a large number and variety of options for country paths. Let’s talk about the most common, budget and easy to implement.

Briefly about what paths can be:

  • Wooden
  • Concrete
  • From paving slabs
  • Bulk
  • From natural stone
  • Using improvised materials


So, wooden walkways, what can they be and how to make them?

The original decision in choosing the material for the tracks are the remains of saw cuts or bars. In order to extend the life of wood, it must be treated with special means that will protect the material from moisture and moisture.

The path from saw cuts

Paths of this type look unusual if the path itself is a little winding. There is nothing complicated in execution – just lay the finished saw cuts directly on the ground. You can leave a small distance between the bars for the lawn, this will add a little eco-style originality to the path.

Wooden paths in the country

You can also use a natural board. This is a more expensive material, but if the budget allows, then you will outshine any neighbor. Remember that wood processing is required. Wooden boards can be laid however you like, but the most common method is laying the board horizontally. This method visually expands the space, especially if your site is small. The edges of the path can be trimmed with wooden chocks or a decorative border.

Beam paths

If you want to add even more originality to your path, then the wooden coating can be combined, for example, with small pebbles. This solution looks spectacular both with saw cuts and with a wooden board. Turn on your imagination, in terms of landscape it can be limitless.

concrete walkways

Another proven and fairly budget option for tracks is the use of concrete.

Many summer residents give their preference to just this type of paths, because the work itself is quite simple, the cost of the material is low, and the concrete itself is durable and resistant to temperature changes.

Paths made of concrete

Many are accustomed to believing that no one can surprise anyone with a concrete path, and there is nothing original in this option. However, with a little ingenuity, you can make something unique out of ordinary concrete.

A rather original solution would be to use a special plastic mold that will allow you to create a pattern on concrete. It can be chaotic lines, geometric shapes or some kind of rounding.

Paths made of concrete

In this matter, the main thing is to show imagination. Get away from the boring decision and clear straight lines. Creating such a track is a rather laborious process, but the result will exceed all your expectations.

Let’s talk about gravel paths

Such paths are a win-win option, since the material has a low cost, ease of manufacture and a fairly wide range.

Filled paths

Having a specific picture in mind, you can easily bring to life and create an attractive path on your hacienda. Of all the options for paths, bulk paths are perhaps the easiest to implement, since in this case there is no need to prepare the ground for arranging the path.


Bulk material can be: crushed stone, pebbles or gravel. An original solution would be to combine a bulk path with natural stone or wood.

Bulk paths in the country

paving slabs

Perhaps the most common option for paths today is paving slabs. Due to the high-strength and durable material, tiles are in great demand and popularity.

Paving slab paths

However, along with other coatings, this option is the most expensive. You can save here only if you do the work yourself.


To date, there are a large variety of street tiles. You can choose any size, pattern and color. It all depends on your preferences and wishes.

Tile paths

A natural stone

Natural stone walkways are truly a real favorite. It is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It is pleasant to walk on it barefoot, since natural stone does not cool much.


Giving your preference to stone, you can be sure that the tracks made will serve you for a very long time. You can lay stone material on sand or directly on the ground. And if you decide to sow the lawn between the stone slabs, you can give your site even more freshness.

Paths made of stone

improvised materials

And finally, we will analyze in more detail the tracks from improvised materials. This is perhaps the most budget option, because it does not require any costs at all. If there is a forest near you, then this is a real expanse for your imagination. You can, for example, use the bark of coniferous trees. Paths made of such material look very impressive and give the landscape design an original twist.

Bark paths

The bark passes moisture well and is a very durable coating. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment.

In the technique of laying such a path, there is nothing complicated at all. It is enough to dig a small trench, pour some sand and lay a layer of bark on top, preferably at least 10 cm.

As you can see, there are many different options for finishing the tracks on your site. And not always a beautiful landscape solution costs a lot of money. Sometimes, it is enough to approach the issue of design creatively and now your hacienda has sparkled with new colors.

Paths in the country

We wish you inspiration, even more ideas, creativity and imagination. And may your dacha always please your heart.

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