Cucumbers: A Complete Guide to Planting and Care

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Cucumbers are the most popular vegetable crop in Russia. Big and small, crunchy and meaty, they are suitable for eating in any form. Let’s find out how to get a rich crop of cucumbers with a minimum of effort.

The choice of seeds and method of cultivation

cucumber seeds

Seeds must be of high quality, so it is better to buy them at trusted points of sale. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify whether they are suitable for growing in this region.
After acquiring the seeds, you need to decide on the method of cultivation, choosing a seedling or seedless method. The first allows you to get an earlier harvest, but requires some trouble. The second one will require a minimum of effort, but does not guarantee an early abundant harvest. In addition, it is not suitable for cold regions, since the main condition for seed germination is soil warming up to +14 degrees.

Site selection and soil requirements

Cucumbers are not too demanding on the composition of the soil. The main thing for them is the presence of good aeration and drainage. If the soil is depleted, it can be improved with organic fertilizers.
The site is better to choose a sunny, calm. It is good if peas, tomatoes, corn or potatoes were grown on it before cucumbers. If at least a couple of years ago cucumbers already grew on it, it is worth finding another place.

How to sow seeds for seedlings

Sowing seeds can be done from April 10th. But before planting, it is advisable to prepare them.
1. From mid-March, it is better to shift the seeds closer to the heaters for heating.
2. In April, select full-weight strong seeds for sowing, without sores and damage.
3. Soak the seeds for 15 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate (1 g of the substance in half a glass of water). Then rinse with chilled water.
4. Put gauze on a saucer, moisten it, then put the seeds and cover them on top with also wet gauze. Leave for a couple of days by the battery, constantly moisturizing. The seeds should peck a little.
5. Remove the seeds for 24 hours in the main compartment of the refrigerator.
While the seeds are being processed, containers for sowing (or peat cups) and soil should be prepared.
Plant as follows:
• fill containers with soil;
• make small holes at a distance of 10 cm from each other;
• place 1 seed in holes;
• Sprinkle with earth and water a little.
It will take about a week for the first shoots to appear. When the plants acquire 2 true leaves, they can be fed with a solution of nitrophoska. Water moderately, once a week.


planting cucumbers

Approximately 3-4 weeks after sowing, the plants are ready for transplanting into open ground. By this time they should have about 3 leaves and a strong stem. It is necessary to transplant around the middle of May, when the earth warms up to +15 degrees.
For cucumbers, it is necessary to form beds and spill them with hot water with the addition of copper sulfate (1 tsp per 10 liters of water). The next day, make small holes at a distance of about 60 cm from each other and plant seedlings in them. It is good to sprinkle the base of the stems with earth and pour water at room temperature.

Necessary Care

• Weeding. In order for the plants to develop well and bear fruit, the soil around them must be cleared of weeds that take away valuable substances.
• Loosening. Free access of oxygen to the roots will favorably affect the growth of cucumbers. To do this, it is enough to gently loosen the soil to a depth of 4 cm about once a week.
• Watering. Cucumbers love moisture, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, so as not to turn the place where plants grow into a swamp. It is necessary to water with warm settled water: before flowering once a week, and during fruiting – twice as often. If the summer is dry, increase the frequency of watering. At the same time, water either early in the morning or around 8 pm using the drip irrigation method. It is desirable that water does not fall on the leaves.
• Top dressing. During the season, cucumbers can be fed 3-5 times with organic and mineral fertilizers.
• Harvesting. Timely harvesting will enable new fruits to set and grow faster.

Be sure to sow cucumbers. A harvest of ripe, crispy fruits will be a worthy reward for your efforts.

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