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Weeding is a mandatory type of garden work that ensures efficient plant growth. However, beginners often encounter a number of difficulties, because they do not have information about which tool is best to choose.

Most Effective Tools

The most popular and effective tools are the following items:

  1. Garden fork . The best option for removing weeds with a powerful root system. So, for example, if the teeth are located at an angle of 45 degrees, then with its help you can remove weeds that are not sufficiently established in the soil. In order to use the tool as often as possible, it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the handle.Fork
  2. The root remover is considered the main enemy of plants such as dandelion, plantain or thistle. In any case, these are plants with a long root system. However, it has one drawback – it will not work to completely remove all parts of the plant.root remover
  3. Crevice tool . From the name, we can conclude that the device is actively fighting the grass that grows between the tiled floor. With it, garden paths or outdoor veranda flooring can always be maintained in good condition.Crevice cleaner
  4. Hoe. There are a huge number of species that help cut down the tops of weeds, while not damaging the plants themselves and their root system.Hoe

Homemade toolkit

The new concept of life hacking has long been entrenched in the lives of skilled and resourceful gardeners. In addition, home-made tools are much cheaper, because they use the most ordinary items, which often remain ownerless in everyday life. One of the popular inventions was the framed handle, which is ideal for safe weeding. Making it yourself is very simple:

  1. We take an ordinary wooden handle and drill three holes (two deaf and one through) in accordance with the diameter of the wire.
  2. Next, we make a groove. The depth should be at least a couple of centimeters.
  3. For convenience, we take pliers and bend the frame.
  4. Next, the frame is inserted into the holes and processed with clamps.
  5. For winding, you can use an ordinary bandage with glue, or a soft wire (copper is best for the task).

The productivity of labor with the help of such a tool is doubled.

How to make the process easier?

Manual weeding is a physically demanding process, after which every person will feel “broken”, but without this procedure, cultivated plants will not have long to live. Experts have prepared simple tips that will help facilitate weed control with mechanical removal:

  1. Do not put off weeding for a few days, as new weeds are just beginning to take hold due to the root system. Young grass is much easier to pull, and at the same time, energy costs will be significantly reduced.
  2. If you managed to follow the first advice, then it is not recommended to use any auxiliary tools for weeding young weeds, since there is a threat to cause irreparable harm to cultivated plants.
  3. Weeding is best done after rainfall, when the ground becomes softer and looser.
  4. When planning to use an overgrown area, it is not recommended to free it from weeds by turning over plots of land with a shovel. In this case, it is recommended to use a fork. The root system will not tolerate low temperature conditions and will die, and with the onset of heat, it will be possible to get rid of weeds.

Following the simplest instructions, you can not only form high-quality care for your site, but also protect your plants from mechanical damage that often cause , preventing them from developing normally.

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