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And how else can you, if not with your own hands? Today, any of us can order the decoration of both the site itself and its flower beds from professionals. Fortunately, in every city there are landscape designers who are ready to make excellent flower beds, interesting lawns, decorative hedges and other beauties that are in vogue for you. All this will be very beautiful, but also not cheap! Therefore, it will be easiest to make flower beds with your own hands, especially since for this you only need a garden tool and, of course, enthusiasm. It seems that ideas in the process of decorating a flower bed will arise by themselves.

We draw a plan of a flower bed

Needless to say, you shouldn’t start creating a flower bed without a plan? It is obvious! It doesn’t matter if you make flower beds with your own hands or involve acquaintances in this work, you will not be able to do without a clear plan! Think carefully about where you will plant your plants, imagine or visually outline how it will look.

First of all, pay attention to perennials. For them, the place should be determined immediately. Perennials grow in one place for more than one year. Flower beds should not only be beautiful, but also easy to maintain. If you plant plants in a chaotic and disordered manner, then you will weed them for a long time and painfully. And the absence of a composition will not make the site attractive.

If your flower bed is in the country, then you should pay attention to the ridges and curbs. The luxury of planting flowers for several acres! Taking care of flowers in the country is not easy! You will have to constantly go there, water and feed your garden pets. That is why it is very important to plant several unpretentious drought-resistant plants like phlox in the summer cottage.

It is best to plant tall plants near the walls. We give the second place in importance and importance to tuberous plants. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, dahlias, gladioli, tuberous begonias, ranunculus, anemones – all of them must find their place, but at the same time not be in the shadow of their neighbors in the flower bed.

And finally, you can outline a place for annuals. If you have a lot of perennials and bulbous plants, then you should not be too zealous with the choice of annual flowers – 2-3 types of undersized flowers will be enough.

Flower bed decoration

flower bedWhen the plan is ready, you should seriously think about the design of the flower beds. It is not at all necessary that she be alone on the site! How to decorate a flower bed so that it is beautiful? Use available tools and things for this. For example, a flower bed of tires! A great idea for those who do not intend to fiddle with flowers a lot. Alas, in most cases, a flower bed made of tires becomes a little freak in the country or on a personal plot! Painted in window blue, white or brown, it only spoils the appearance. Flowerbeds made of tires that have been cut and decorated look no less unattractive. In fact, a car tire may look original. To do this, you need to show a little imagination. For example, fold the tires on top of each other and paint them with different bright colors. And be sure to plant different flowers!

By the way, a bed of tires with strawberries is an excellent solution for a summer residence where there is not enough space! Lay a few tires on top of each other and plant your plants there! And it looks beautiful and the kids will love it. There are varieties of twisting strawberries. For them, it is worth making vertical flower beds from tires up to one and a half meters high. They can be built from tires of different diameters. In this case, for the lower tier, you will have to take wheels from a truck or tractor. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem!

Don’t forget to paint your tire bed with nice bright colors! Take a look at this photo: can you see how stylish tire beds look when painted?

Vertical flower beds are a godsend for summer cottages, where there is always not enough space. You can build such a flower garden from metal rods, and to decorate it, you can use vines, climbing plants, clematis, climbing roses, bindweed and many other plants.

Not sure how to make it beautiful? Get creative, open the Internet and see how other housewives decorate flower beds. There are a huge number of photos, so you will certainly look after something for yourself.

flower bed of stonesFor example, you can make beautiful flower beds from stones on the site. It is possible to build flower beds from stone, but, as in the case of tires from a car, only people with experience and good taste can achieve excellent results. Do not throw a lot of stones around the flower bed – this spoils the appearance. Flowerbeds of stones are beautiful and neat if they use stones of the same size and color. These can be found in and around water bodies. You will find excellent smooth stones in the river. You can lay out the entire flower beds with stones, and plant many low-growing plants between them. The design turns out to be unusual, minimal care is required, and there will be an order of magnitude less worries about watering. By the way, an excellent summer cottage option!

How to make a beautiful flower bed?

It turns out that nothing special is needed for this! Use whatever was found in the basement or attic, in the closet or outbuildings. Unusual flower beds are made by craftsmen today from old wheelbarrows for garbage disposal, from bicycles, baskets, teapots, samovars. Cool little flower beds are obtained from old men’s boots. Of course, they are short-lived and in a year or two they will turn into a shapeless rag with a sole, but you will certainly find a replacement for them! One boot with a flower among the flower bed? Such an original design will certainly be appreciated by your loved ones and neighbors.

Even old broken vases, cans, buckets can be used. It is enough to tint them a little, sprinkle them halfway with earth and create the effect of flowers pouring out into the clearing. True, in this case it is worth using flowers of the same color and certainly undersized – such compositions look too original on the site. Uncomplicated decor from old dishes, it turns out, allows you to create an unusual design and achieve high decorativeness.

An ordinary cart in which a horse was harnessed can become a real decoration of the garden. This is how many Europeans, creating country-style designs, decorate flower beds in the garden. Most often these are rosaries. They do not think about how to decorate the garden and how to make an original design. They just take out old things and use them with might and main! They put them on lawns, garden paths, create interesting compositions, buy gnomes, bees and other clay animals. As a result, very interesting solutions are obtained, and the sites are not alike, like two drops of water.

flowerbed of bottlesThe decoration of the suburban area is bottles. Yes, yes, if you make a flower bed out of them in the garden. Bottled flower beds don’t always look pretty. Today, women very often use plastic bottles, make palms and compositions out of them, but, frankly, such garden decorations do not do honor and look very cheap. Crafts on the site can be allowed if they are done painfully well. But the reality, alas, looks different, and plastic crafts only spoil the look of your garden. A completely different matter is flower beds made of glass bottles. They will shine in the sun, decorate the site. True, such a flower bed turns out to be fragile.

Decorative fences for flower beds

On a large plot, it makes no sense to make even a small fence for a flower bed. Although, in the old fashioned way, many owners of personal plots decide how to enclose a beautiful flower bed. If you master to weave simple fences from vines or branches, you will get an excellent decor. The vine hedge has recently become very popular. Almost at every second summer cottage it turns out to be seen. Such fences, with proper design, look very decorative, beautiful, especially when combined with flower beds from wicker wallets.

A low hedge made of wood will save you from thinking about how to decorate the lawn and flower beds. Install a tiny fence around it and the look changes immediately! Wooden products look attractive in any area, so you don’t have to puzzle over how to arrange, what to put, how many elements to add and what cool figures to use for decoration.

By the way, if you do not know how to fence a flower bed, you can use glass bottles for this, stuck in the ground upside down.

A wooden train on the site can be made from old boxes and logs. If you can complement the composition with well-chosen colors, it will turn out to be very unusual. Although … why use crafts, if you can plant flowers right on the flower bed with a train! 

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