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How to make fertilizer from bread?

If stored improperly in a tightly sealed container, the bread suffocates and becomes moldy. When preparing kvass, filtered bread waste at first glance is also no good. Meanwhile, this grain waste can be successfully used in your garden as fertilizer. The carbohydrate-rich mass is saturated with compounds that are easily accessible and digestible by plant roots. Perhaps someone will be indignant: “What blasphemy – to bury bread in the ground!” Yes, sacrilege when we allow bread to grow moldy, and if this happens, then it is better to use it for the benefit of the future harvest.

You can prepare a nutritious fertilizer for garden crops as follows: pour the grain waste into a tank, fill it with water, cover with a lid and let it sour in a warm place for 10-12 days. Dilute the fermented mass 2-3 times with water and use this nutritious broth to feed garden crops. The result will not keep you waiting. The harvest will grow by leaps and bounds.

Valuable quality of fertilizer from bread

There is another curious use of bread scraps. It turns out that weak 3-6% alcohol solutions, such as fermented grain mass, are an excellent stimulant for the germination of dormant weed seeds. Having harvested from the ridges, loosen the soil, removing weeds and their rhizomes, and quickly spread your “braga” over the freshly loosened surface and cover with a film. This must be done before the onset of cold weather, about a month. Alcohol vapors, heat, moisture will awaken a mass of weed seeds to growth, seedlings will go together. The coming cold will complete the work begun. All this can be repeated in the spring, as soon as the snow melts. Rest assured, you will greatly facilitate your thankless task of weed control. Remember, this should be done only in the beds, without touching the near-stem circles of garden trees,

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