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Choose a variety and start planting

Where the climate is harsh and there is no garden plot, you can master the technology of growing vegetables in the window. A great choice for indoor growing is cucumber. The best time to plant cucumbers at home is the beginning of March, because this culture requires light, and at this time in the North just ends the polar winter.

To master the cultivation of cucumbers at home, it is better to use hybrids-partnering carp for protected ground (Zozulia, Moscow greenhouse, Aelita and others), they are more early maturing, shade tolerant and do not react so sharply to sharp fluctuations in temperature. Anyone can grow these varieties at home.

Planting cucumbers

Planting cucumbers begins with germination of seeds, and when the roots appear, the seeds are planted in boxes, which should have either holes or drainage. One third of the container is filled with a substrate of 2 parts of sod soil, 2 parts of humus, 1 part peat and sand. It is advisable to add a glass of ash and chalk per bucket of mixture to deoxidize the soil mixture. Some gardeners place plates of peat around the perimeter of the box.

Now you can begin planting. The seeds are carefully placed germinated side down in the soil at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other, abundantly watered, covered with film and placed in a warm place. After the emergence of seedlings, the boxes are placed on the window sill and maintain an air temperature of 15 to 17 degrees, not lower. This is difficult, since there are frosts outside, but the temperature should not be allowed to decrease. Boxes should be set in a warm place (say, fix them at the level of the battery, covering the latter with cardboard, if it is too hot). At this time, the temperature mode should be as follows: 22 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night. Many people use artificial heating with a table lamp for this purpose, especially when the temperature outside the window drops sharply.

Taking care of cucumbers and fighting pests

When the third true leaf appears, it is advisable to sprinkle soil in the boxes, which will stimulate the growth of new roots, it should be done in the future, as the plants develop. The question may arise: what to do with the boxes, the height of which is not infinite? In this case, gardeners simply build up the sides with some material, better – made of plastic.

Since the soil was originally prepared fertile, the cucumbers can not be additionally fed. However, the condition of the plants should be monitored. If suddenly the leaves begin to turn yellow, you should feed them with urea. If there will be a lack of potassium (greens become pear-shaped), bring ash or once a week fertilize with a full mineral fertilizer.

In order to grow a good harvest, it is better to water cucumbers with melt water. You can, of course, and tap water, but standing for a day.

Overwatering is not allowed (as well as a break in watering), otherwise the roots will die.

It is known that in apartments with central heating air dryness is high. To reduce it, it makes sense to put a container of water on the radiator and from time to time to spray the leaves, and during the fruit setting should do it every night.

If the box with cucumbers is not installed on the light window, use extra light fluorescent lamps.

When the whiskers appear, a trellis should be installed on the window. This can be a net of fishing line. Fasten it so that it is separated from the window pane by 25 centimeters to protect the fruit from the cold. Whiskers and stems must be constantly directed to this grid so that the stems do not come into contact with the glass. When the stems reach the top of the window, pinch the side shoots, leaving them with 3-4 leaves and the top.

Growing cucumbers at home, we must constantly monitor that they are not affected by spider mite – it is he often annoying indoor plants. At the first sign of this pest must immediately spray plants with garlic infusion. Leaves that have been infested by the mite should be removed immediately.

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