How to care for onion sets?

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In order to grow and care for onion sets, you need to know several features of the agricultural technology of this vegetable. First, you need to purchase sevok grown in your area or other regions with similar climatic conditions.

A month before planting (from about mid-April), the seedlings are heated at room conditions. It is good for these purposes to use cardboard boxes from under shoes, they can be closed from above, and the sevok is mixed once a week.

Planting onion sets

Before planting in the evening, the seeds are soaked in a strong pink solution of potassium permanganate at a temperature of 50-60 degrees. To get this temperature, take 1 liter of boiling water and 1 liter of tap water. The onion soaked and warmed up in this way takes root well and quickly, does not shoot and is not affected by powdery mildew, it is easier to care for. When planting a damaged or rotten seedling, it must be treated with foundationazole.

The spring digging of the beds for onions is done 5 cm less than the autumn one, so as not to turn the weed seeds to the surface. Fertilizers are applied after digging before harrowing, so that they are closer to the surface, since the onion root system is fibrous, not more than 10 cm. Fertilizers are covered with a rake. Care must be taken not to damage the tender onions. You can apply well-rotted manure (humus), ash and complex fertilizer (azofoska, kristalin, nitrophoska) at the rate of 0.5-1 kg per 10 square meter.

  • Planting onions is best done after carrots, green crops, peas, because they do not have the same pests and diseases.
  • To get a guaranteed onion crop for a turnip, it is necessary to plant it in the middle lane after May 2-9 3 times with an interval of a week.
  •  If you want to get large bulbs, do not plant densely, the optimal distance between the bulbs is 15×15 or 20×20 cm.
  • It is better not to water the onions, especially in the second half of the growing season, so that the green feather, and hence the bulbs themselves, are not further affected by powdery mildew.

How to store onion sets?

In order for the onion to be well stored, it is harvested in a dry year no later than August 15-20, and in a wet year even until August 10, preferably with a green feather. Lay it in boxes or in bulk in one layer in a well-ventilated area. Dry the onion until the feather dries and the neck forms. And only after that it is cleaned, cut and braided.

Onions should be stored in a dark, cool place at a temperature of 5-10 degrees. In a city apartment, it is well stored in cardboard boxes, on the bottom of which wheat is poured, and the top is covered with it.

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