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Folk remedy for slugs

The fight against slugs in the garden begins with sprinkling the beds with ashes or dry lime, or even lime mixed with tobacco.

The fact is that slugs cannot allow the surface of their body to dry out and constantly secrete a sticky liquid from themselves. When dried, this liquid leaves a mark on the ground, which looks like a shiny strip in the bright sun. Having carefully examined the passages between the ridges, one can guess from such a trail about the presence of slugs on the ridge. Dry powders – ash, lime, if they are treated with a pest, make the slug exude liquid even more, otherwise it cannot move. Therefore, if the strip of powder is wide enough, the slugs cannot overcome it and do not fall on the ridge.

But lime is not a reliable remedy, it absorbs moisture very strongly and quickly loses its dryness. The same thing happens with ash. After watering, dew, rain, and simply from soil moisture, these powders cease to be an obstacle to slugs.

Effective Slug Control Methods

So it will be more useful in the garden from sprinkling soot around the bed, which is very caustic for slugs. Moreover, soot itself is a useful top dressing for plants.

It is also advised to sprinkle crushed glass around the ridges in the garden. But why would you do it? It is possible to overlay a ridge with a rough barbed rope, slugs will not overcome such an obstacle. The most effective means of struggle is a special drug against slugs – metaldehyde. It is produced in granular form. It is necessary to treat the soil around the ridges with this preparation, where the appearance of slugs is often observed, your ridges will be reliably protected.

And you can put traps for slugs right on the ridges between the plants – saucers with beer. Oddly enough, but the smell of beer is very attractive to them, they change direction, instead of moving to where they can eat, they go to where they can drink and find their doom trapped there.

Every day you need to collect dead slugs from the trap and add beer until they are all gone.

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