How to defeat slugs in the area

how to defeat slugs in the area Blog

Slugs are one of the most common garden pests. They eat cabbage, treat themselves to apples, pears, strawberries, which they simply adore. In addition, they often penetrate basements, where they destroy all stocks prepared for the winter. In connection with such gluttony of these creatures, there is a simple desire to destroy them all to one.

Slugs eat lettuce

Chemistry in the fight against slugs

Today there are many ways to overcome unwanted insects, including slugs. The most potent drugs are chemicals. Lots of them are produced. The most famous are Slug Eater, Thunderstorm, Ulitsid, and many others. These products include a substance – metaldehyde. It is important not to forget that you can use formulations with it no later than 3 weeks before harvest and make sure that pets do not try the drug. This is a poisonous drug.
No less productive for the destruction of slugs is superphosphate. Granules should be evenly scattered over the beds. It does not act for a long time, but slugs do not like it, and prefer to bypass it.

Copper sulfate with the addition of sand is also a worthy remedy for solving the problem. Both preparations described above are also used as high-quality fertilizers.
Slugs do not like copper-containing preparations. That is why it is effective to use Bordeaux liquid. This is a great way to influence them.

To destroy this unwanted insect, even simple table salt is suitable. But this method is only good for processing basements for storing fruits and vegetables. For 10 liters of water you need 1 glass of salt. Fill the sprayer with the solution and process the entire basement. It is not advisable to use salt on the beds, as the plants may suffer.

Natural Ways to Fight

For lovers of natural biological preparations, we can recommend a tincture of hot hot pepper. Ash powder will be a good barrier to slugs. The method only works in dry weather.
You can use egg shells. Slugs are very afraid of sharp objects and do not even try to overcome them. The shell must be dried, crushed, and scattered on the beds. In addition, it is an excellent fertilizer for plants, which will gradually dissolve and nourish the beds. A similar remedy is coarse sand, crushed shell rock, nut shells, pine or spruce needles.

Other simple and effective ways

There is also a funny method that is often used by witty gardeners and gardeners! They fill a bowl with beer and bury it in a ground-level area. The love of slugs for a foamy drink is known. They crawl to the bowl with pleasure and then their fate is unenviable!

You can use copper wire. First, you need to remove the insulation from it and place it in the form of a ring around the plant that needs to be protected. Not a single slug will ever cross such a barrier. On contact with copper, it will receive a small electric shock. This method is already used in industries engaged in the production of garden tools. You can now purchase products with copper protection in the respective stores.

But the simplest and cheapest way is to lay out boards or slate on the site. Periodically, they will have to be lifted and checked for the presence of slugs, which will need to be immediately destroyed.
And in order to completely rid yourself of this work, it is enough to leave an uncultivated piece of land on the site, on which you will need to lay down branches with fallen leaves. Soon hedgehogs and frogs will settle there, which will gladly regulate the number of slugs.

You can use any of these methods, and choose the most appropriate, thereby protecting your plants from hated insects.

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