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For a long time, every owner of a plot of land has been concerned about the question: “How to get rid of weeds”?! Site maintenance is important! If you do not follow, then a lot of different weeds can be found on a plot of land! Including wheatgrass, amaranth, and wild oats. These are ugly, spoiling the view of the entire garden and hard-to-remove plants. There are many ways to deal with them.

It is impossible to imagine our time without chemicals, and in any special store or market you can find and buy such products that will destroy plants we do not need. They are called herbicides. Most often they get rid of weeds on the sides of the road and near the fence. They do not need to process the entire area. Even at school, in the subject of chemistry, we were taught that chemicals are not harmless! Although the instructions say that the drug only affects weeds, and cultivated plants are not affected by them. And if you think about it, it’s not the whole truth. It is possible for poisons to get into the soil and, as a result, into products. Naturally, if there is a need for herbicides, you need to use them only according to the instructions that come with them. In which the doses of application are necessarily indicated.

In the midst of summer, weeds throw out their seeds, which again grow into unnecessary plants on the site. You can fight them with a mower, but this result is not long. Also cutting the rhizomes does nothing. You are just wasting your time and energy. If the site is heavily neglected, it is dug with a pitchfork. But this method of destroying our pests is for a very short period, and everything will be repeated next spring. The best weapon in the “war” against weeds is a chopper and diligence, and constant maintenance of order in the garden! This tool was invented a long time ago and is considered universal. But there are also folk tips that can be read in old newspapers, books and magazines on gardening. They say that the pumpkin and zucchini planted on the site, densely covering the soil with their leaves, do not allow the sun’s rays to penetrate into it,

There are several useful rules for weed control. This, of course, is systematic work on the plot. Or as an option its asphalting. Also, the most reliable tools are a pitchfork and a chopper, the latter cuts off the plants to the very root and does not allow it to multiply.

Herbicides are a radical method of getting rid of weeds in the garden, and you need to strictly follow the instructions, because they are poisons! And you should not forget about your safety when using them. It must be rubber gloves for hands, a respirator to protect the respiratory tract.

And an excellent tool for getting rid of weeds and naturally fertilizing and enriching the soil in the garden with microelements, these are green manure plants. They are sown thickly and while they are still green they are plowed into the soil.

Well-groomed personal plot, uplifting! And useful work always bears fruit, in this case, delicious vegetables and fruits for the whole family, and you also need to remember that forty minutes of fitness in the fresh air will help burn 200 calories. Those are great incentives!

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