How to grow arugula on a windowsill

how to grow arugula on a windowsill Blog

Supermarkets now have such a variety of greens on offer that it’s just dizzying. Only its cost is sometimes so high that not everyone can afford this pleasure. Nevertheless, knowing a little trick, you can easily grow the same arugula at home without much difficulty.

Growing arugula at home

We will need:

– box (container or pot);
– soil (universal);
– arugula seeds (I used the Indau variety)

When choosing seeds, focus only on their expiration dates. Since arugula is a fast-growing crop, there is no need to focus on the rate of ripening indicated on the package.

Any box or container for growing arugula will do. It can be either wooden or plastic. In order for the greens to fully develop, it is desirable that the height of the container be at least 8-10 cm.

At the bottom, without fail, we pour a layer of expanded clay (up to 2 cm), this will not allow the soil to turn sour, since arugula is a moisture-loving plant. And only then we fill the container to the brim with ordinary soil (for indoor plants) bought in a store. If you wish, you can prepare it yourself by mixing soddy soil with sand and humus in a ratio of 1: 1: 1, but keep in mind that this mixture will be denser in composition than purchased soil, and therefore will require loosening after each watering.

With the index finger, we make indentations in a row about 1 cm deep. We spill them with water at room temperature, but without excess (“swamp” is not necessary).

We sow the seeds in the recesses without crowding the planting. You can also simply spread the seeds over the entire surface of the soil, as you like.

We put the box on the most illuminated window sill in the house, since arugula is photophilous. Seedlings will not keep you waiting long. Already on the 3rd or 5th day, the first green sprouts will appear. I must say that on the south side, arugula will grow faster and more friendly, and its greenery will be much juicier than when growing on the north side.

After a week, it is better to remove weak shoots, giving place to healthy and strong shoots. Watering will also have to be increased over time, but here focus on the topsoil. If the air is dry and hot at home, it is necessary to moisten the soil more often, preventing it from drying out. Keep in mind that insufficient watering will add bitterness to the greens. On average, sufficient watering can be ensured by doing it once every 2 days.

After 10-15 days, you can enjoy the first cut leaves of arugula, which have reached a height of 10 cm. Vitamin greens will not only increase your appetite, strengthen your immune system and nervous system, but also increase hemoglobin. Fragrant leaves of arugula are perfect for preparing fresh salads, meat and fish dishes.

You can enjoy a home harvest for up to 1.5 months, if you carefully cut or pluck the leaves as needed.

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