How to plant dill so that it sprouts quickly

how to plant dill so that it sprouts quickly Blog

Dill should always be on the table, because it is very useful, contains many vitamins and useful elements, moreover, it perfectly complements both vegetable and meat dishes. Dill gardeners are also attracted by the fact that it can be grown without any problems, because it is very unpretentious, and under certain conditions, the crop can be harvested from spring to almost the end of autumn. To always have fresh dill on your table, it is enough to follow a number of recommendations.

Dill sowing rules

How to prepare a bed for dill?

Dill does not require any special care, it will only be important to choose the right place for planting, as well as prepare the soil, including using fertilizers, and water the seedlings abundantly. Dill prefers open places filled with the sun; in the shade, it is likely to grow poorly. Before planting, the ground for dill must be dug up, however, this can be done in the fall, and you also need to loosen the soil, since the seeds must be abundantly moistened in order to quickly sprout.

The soil before planting must be fertilized, first of all, with organic fertilizers. Add humus, potassium, superphosphate to the soil, and you can also use ammonium nitrate. Top dressing can be carried out in the fall, but nitrogen can only be used for fertilizing in the spring. It is very important to water the soil abundantly before planting. If planting is done in April, when frosts are still possible, cover the soil with polyethylene.

Dill seeds (enlarged image)
Dill seeds (enlarged image)

How to soak dill?

If you want your dill to sprout quickly, then its seeds need to be soaked. This is especially true if you are planting in the summer, when you do not need to think about the frost resistance of seeds. Just dip the dill seeds in boiling water for no more than 3-4 minutes, and then put them in water at room temperature. Leave the container for 2-3 days, after which you can start planting dill in the garden.

Sowing seeds, even if they have been pre-soaked, must be done in moist soil. You can wait for seedlings in warm weather in one to one and a half weeks (up to 10 days). Quick shoots can be achieved due to the fact that the water washes away excess essential oils and the seeds are immediately ready for germination.

Soaking dill seeds before sowing
Soaking dill seeds before sowing

How to plant dill?

You also need to sow dill correctly. Seeds can be soaked in advance or sown dry, it all depends on whether you are going to get a quick result or if you are going to increase the resistance of the seeds to temperature changes. These properties are possessed by seeds planted dry. Planting seeds should not be too dense, it is optimal to use 1 gram of seeds per square meter of soil.

Before planting in the garden, you need to make grooves, the width of which can reach 5 centimeters. Then you need to sow the seeds, you can do it in a zigzag pattern. I cover the seeds a little with earth or use humus for this. It is no longer necessary to water the planted dill.

How many days does dill sprout after planting?

As a rule, dill sprouts within a little more than two weeks from the moment of planting. After he has ascended, it is necessary to thin out the plantings in order to prevent the bushes from growing too close and interfering with each other. This will increase the yield of your beds, allow the dill to grow stronger. If the temperature and conditions are favorable, dill may sprout a little earlier. You can harvest the first crop within 3-4 weeks after planting.

It is recommended to periodically sow dill into the ground in order to maintain the yield of the beds until the end of autumn. At the same time, it is also necessary to carry out its thinning, otherwise the young shoots will quickly die. You can sow dill in the second row, which will make it easier to monitor the bed.

When can you plant dill?

You can start planting dill as early as April, it grows on your beds one of the very first. This means that you will be able to harvest your first harvest in mid-May. However, if you are late with planting or decide to make another bed, then you can plant dill later. He will grow up. But it is important to follow a number of rules.

First of all, it is recommended to plant dill next to crops such as cabbage, tomatoes or cucumbers if you are not planting them in a greenhouse. Dill will help rid them of insects, and will also have a beneficial effect on the taste. In addition, these vegetables grow in well-fertilized soils, so dill will sprout faster. You can speed up the emergence of seedlings by soaking the seeds before sowing.

Is it possible to plant dill in winter?

If you want to get a dill crop earlier, then planting can be done in the winter. The best time is the beginning of November, when the temperature drops to zero, but it has not yet snowed. On the dug-up bed, make grooves up to 5 centimeters deep, plant dill and cover it with earth or humus. When the snow melts, the seeds will begin to germinate and you can get dill 2 weeks earlier than if you plant it in the spring.

Planting dill is quite simple, you need to remember a few rules and follow them. In this case, you can delight your loved ones with fresh healthy herbs all year round, as well as use it in harvesting and canning.

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