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Therefore, if characteristic holes are found on the leaves, measures should be taken immediately to destroy slugs and caterpillars.

At the same time, preparations that can be used to treat cabbage from slugs are equally well suited to all varieties of this plant. For example, solutions for treating Beijing cabbage from slugs are also perfect for ordinary white cabbage. There are many options for watering cabbage from caterpillars and slugs. But you need to know the properties of each solution in order to get rid of pests and not ruin the plants themselves.

slugs on cabbage

How to water cabbage from slugs

As a rule, plants are treated with various solutions. The composition of these solutions is based on the detrimental effect on pests and safety for cabbage. Slugs are affected by a variety of substances, but many of them can have a negative effect on cabbage. Therefore, some of the most effective and safe solutions should be given:

  • A simple remedy will be regular coffee. To prepare the solution, you should use instant coffee, but you can also brew it specifically for this occasion. For 200 grams of water, you need to use two teaspoons of coffee or even a little more. After thorough mixing, cabbage should be treated with the indicated solution. In this case, it is best to apply the solution by spraying it. It is important to make sure that the liquid gets on all the leaves and between them.
how to deal with slugs on cabbage

This solution is not capable of harming the plant, but it can perfectly repel pests. However, slugs and caterpillars may reappear after a while and the procedure will have to be repeated;

  • Solution based on ammonia. This is an excellent and effective pest control product. To prepare it, you should take one part of ammonia and dilute it with six parts of water. The specific volume of the solution depends on the number of plants. You need to process cabbage in the same way as with a coffee solution;
  • Often a saline solution is used. For him, a large spoonful of salt is taken for one glass of water. But we must understand that the salt solution is able to dry the leaves of the plant. Therefore, it should be used in the absence of other alternatives.

All of these options are aimed at scaring away slugs and caterpillars. These pests will leave the garden and will not damage the plants. But their population will remain. Accordingly, they can return again. Therefore, treatment procedures are recommended to be performed regularly with an interval of several days.

beer way

Slugs have a good sense of smell, which allows them to find food at a great distance. They also love beer. If it is nearby, the slugs will not be able to refuse and will definitely try the drink. An interesting feature of this craving for beer is the death of pests. That is, slugs cannot refuse the drink, but after drinking it they die.

This method is publicly available, it does not harm the plant and leads to the total destruction of slugs in the garden. To prevent the beer from splashing and soaking into the ground, it should be poured into plastic cups.

how to water cabbage from caterpillars and slugs
Beer helps against slugs on cabbage

Fill the glass to the brim. Then, they must be dug into the ground near the plants themselves. Slugs and caterpillars can’t stand the heat. During the daytime, they hide in their shelters, and at night they eat plants. Accordingly, it is necessary to instill glasses of beer in the evening so that the liquid does not evaporate during the day.

During the night, all slugs and caterpillars will taste the beer. And in the morning they will die. The owner of the beds will only have to collect dead pests. This method is good. It does not pose any danger to cabbage and leads to the destruction of the pest population.

slime beer


Prevention is the best way to protect plants from slugs or caterpillars. These pests do not live in the cabbage itself. They hide in secluded places, and crawl to the cabbage at night.

Therefore, it is not necessary to allow the presence of places on the site that can become a shelter for these pests. Such shelters are any garbage. For example, fragments of slate or roofing material remaining from the construction.

If such garbage is dismantled, it will make it impossible for the existence of a population of slugs and caterpillars on the site. Accordingly, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness and prevent the presence of garbage in the territory.


A variety of chemicals to control slugs and caterpillars are available in a wide range. According to the manufacturers of the products, they are completely safe for cabbage.

slug remedy

However, chemicals should be used with caution, as the harmful substances they contain can accumulate in cabbage leaves. As a result, they enter the human body. at the same time, they may not have a direct effect on the plant during processing. The plant will remain the same as it was before processing.

But the potential danger of chemical agents for the destruction of slugs and caterpillars makes them undesirable for humans. Therefore, when these pests appear, you must first use solutions, the beer method. This will give the desired effect and the use of chemicals can be avoided.

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