How to relax more in the country? 5 hacks for a lazy landscape

how to relax more in the country 5 hacks for a lazy landscapeefbfbc Blog

Why do you need a cottage? Have you ever honestly answered this question to yourself?

But how to relax in the country?

It is generally accepted that a summer cottage is needed for recreation. But is it really so? Do you really come every weekend to relax? More precisely, do you manage to relax for real? As a rule, all weekends, starting from Saturday, you are engaged in gardening and gardening without straightening your back. Sometimes, there is no time to go to the toilet.


There is little time, and a lot of things have accumulated on the site in a week, or even two! Here you are: to mow the lawn, and pick apples and berries, and water the flower beds, and process the beds from weeds. In general, you don’t have time to arrive, as it’s already Sunday evening, it’s time to go home, because tomorrow you have to work. And this kind of thing happens almost regularly.


Everything that you do in your dacha is not considered a vacation, except perhaps another type of work activity. Although, many of you will say that doing such things on earth, you rest your soul, and your head relaxes. There is some truth in this, but only partly.

Let’s talk about how to make your favorite cottage a place of rest and relaxation. A place where you can come and just be lazy, while having a spectacular landscape design. So, 5 tricks on how to simplify your country life.

Make sure that your site has more space for recreation

Regardless of whether you have an empty site or already have some kind of zoning, you need to develop a design project. This can be a simple schematic drawing on paper or a project created in a special program on a computer. You choose the most convenient way for you.


When planning a site, select several zones for recreation areas. It is important to consider your lifestyle and interests. It could be:

  • BBQ area. Ideally, if the water supply is thought out in this place. It can be a free-standing outdoor sink next to the barbecue or a common countertop with a sink, cooking and grilling area – it all depends on your budget.
  • Dinner Zone. It will be convenient for someone to combine this area with a barbecue area, someone will consider them to be separated. Both options are in place. The main thing is that the place of eating should be under the roof and have decorative curtains in case of hot heat. This area should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Consider soft textiles on the seats: decorative pillows and fleece blankets will help you.
  • Active recreation area. At your dacha there must be a place for sports, albeit not professional ones. It can be an ordinary green lawn, on which there is only space. In this place you can play badminton, table tennis, jump on a trampoline, run chasing with children or just blow soap bubbles for them.
  • Passive recreation area. Find at least a small, but very secluded, quiet corner on your site. This place will come in handy for you to be alone and enjoy the silence. Here you can put a garden swing, a couple of sun loungers or just hang a hammock.
  • Bonfire zone. If you like to sit around the fire in the evenings with your family or friends, then be sure to allocate space for this. Ready-made bonfires are now being sold, which can be moved from place to place, this is very convenient for small areas.
  • Area for children’s recreation. In the presence of small children or grandchildren, at the summer cottage 100% there should be a playground or at least a sandbox with a swing. Ideally, if the size of the site allows, you can also build a Swedish wall right on the street. After all, children have so much energy and it will be great if they find a use for it in the country.

Choose plants that suit your personality.

For example, if you don’t like to spend a lot of time weeding, give preference to large plants and bush flowers.

Large perennials:

  • volzhanka
  • large-headed cornflower (synonymous with large-headed grossheimia)
  • Syrian quilt
  • sunflower heliopsis
  • rogersia
  • miscanthus
  • derebennik
  • buzulniki
  • lakonos
  • Darmer
  • astilboides
  • makleya
  • solidago
  • campanula lactiflora
  • window sills


Increase the number of sites and tracks.

Another elementary life hack to simplify country life is to reduce the number of flower beds, flower beds and beds in favor of paths and playgrounds. Expand the area of ​​decorative paving, and you will find that you spend much less time cleaning and processing the site. At the same time, you get a modern and concise appearance of the territory.

A hard surface in the form of street tiles, natural stone or paving stones makes it possible to keep the site clean in any bad weather.

A minimum of work – an amazing result.

Take this phrase as a basis if you want to relax more at your favorite dacha. After all, you must admit that it is not always necessary to make a lot of effort to achieve an excellent goal. Lazy landscaping can be just as delightful and admirable as a workaholic’s garden.


Imagine a stunning field of lavender, lupins or dandelions. It always captivates with its beauty, simplicity and scale. Let garden flowers make the same impression on you. Sometimes, it is enough just to let the plants grow, and then you can enjoy their true beauty. Get away from unjustified variegation and diversity, trying to achieve the effect of mass character. In addition, it is much easier to care for the same type of plants and flowers.


Mow where there is no time to weed.

Getting rid of weeds is always a very tedious and time-consuming task, and it also takes a lot of time. Another trick that you can use to straighten your back is to mow. It’s simple, compactly place flowers and plants in such a way that the lawn mower would easily go around flower arrangements and mow down excess weeds. If we talk about processing under bushes and berry bushes, we recommend removing old branches adjacent to the ground. Again, in order to make it convenient for you to mow unnecessary grass with a trimmer.


It has been verified that with regular mowing of weeds, in the future they are smaller and grow more slowly. Thus, you greatly simplify your life and free up time for relaxation. And your garden gets a well-groomed and neat look much faster.

We wish you quality rest and beautiful landscape on your hacienda!

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