How to store plastic, clay and ceramic pots in winter

how to store plastic clay and ceramic pots in winter Blog

Potted gardening has become very popular in the last few years. This method is convenient for caring for flowers and other plants.

How to save plastic flower pots in winter

Pots and containers look great all summer long, but there are a few steps you need to take in the fall to make sure your containers survive the winter and are ready to plant next spring.

Cleaning flower pots in autumn

In the fall, before you put away your pots for the winter, you need to clean them out. This will help protect plants and flowers from diseases and pests that may remain in the pot and survive the winter. Start by emptying the potty. Remove dead vegetation, and if the plant that was in the pot didn’t have any disease problems, compost it.

Flower pots on the wall

If the plant has been affected by a disease, throw it in the trash or burn it. You can also compost potted soil. However, it is not recommended to reuse the soil. Most potting soils are not really soil at all, but rather mostly organic material. Over the summer, this organic material will begin to break down and lose its nutrients.


After your pots are empty, wash them in warm, soapy 10% bleach water. Soap and bleach will remove and kill any diseases and pests, such as fungus, that may still be on the pots.

Storage of plastic containers in winter

Once your plastic pots are washed and dried, they can be put away before spring. Plastic containers keep well outside as they can survive temperature changes without being damaged. Just remember to cover your plastic pots if you’re storing them outside. The winter sun can be strong and the plastic pot may fade unevenly.

Storing Terracotta or Clay Pots in Winter

Terracotta or clay pots should not be stored outdoors. They are porous and retain some moisture. Because of this, they can crack because the moisture in them will freeze and expand several times during the winter. Terracotta and clay containers are best stored indoors. Suitable basement or attached garage.

Flower pots

Clay and terracotta pots can be stored anywhere where the temperature does not drop below zero. It is also necessary to wrap each clay or terracotta pot in newspaper or some other kind of wrapping. This will prevent the pots from breaking or chipping during storage.

Storage of ceramic pots in winter

Just like terracotta and earthenware pots, it is not very good to store ceramic pots outside in winter. The ceramic coating on the pots retains moisture for the most part, but small chips or cracks can still occur.

As with terracotta and clay containers, moisture in these cracks can freeze, causing larger cracks to form. Wrap the pots in newspaper as well to prevent them from cracking and breaking during storage.

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