How to water onions from worms: a list of funds

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Agricultural pests often become a source of headache for professional farmers and amateur farmers who decide to master their own cultivation of onions on a head or on a feather . Even with careful care for seedlings, constant monitoring of the level of moisture in the substrate and air temperature, crops can be damaged by the worm. About what to do if a worm eats an onion, and what folk and traditional means to use to combat the pest will be discussed further.

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How to process an onion from a worm?

The entire list of means used to combat this pest of onion crops can be divided into two categories:

– folk remedies;
– chemicals.

The first group of tools is distinguished by security and availability. It can be used if a small proportion of the seedlings in the area are damaged by the worm. When it comes to mass destruction of crops, farmers resort to the use of chemicals sold in specialized garden centers.

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How to treat onions from onion fly worms?

If a farmer prefers organic farming, then when choosing means for processing onion crops from onion fly worms, it is best for him to use the folk remedies discussed below.


In any home first aid kit you can find a bottle of ammonia. This inexpensive and common product, when used correctly, helps farmers to forget about the problem of onion flies and worms. It is introduced in the form of a solution (60 grams of alcohol per bucket of water) with an interval of a month. To achieve the result, only two treatments of the beds per season are enough.

Salt solution

If you take ordinary table salt (300 grams) and mix it with water (ten liters), then the resulting solution can be used in the garden to fight the worm. It is introduced into the substrate on which the onion heads are planted by irrigation. The treatment is carried out three times, each time increasing the amount of salt in the water.

Dandelion is a powerful plant

In the fight against worms, a decoction of dandelion is also effective. This plant can be bought at a pharmacy or prepared with your own hands. It is used on the beds as follows:

– prepare a decoction with the following ratio of components: 1 liter of water and 200 grams of dandelion roots
– infuse the decoction for several days
– dilute the decoction with ten liters of water
– the resulting solution is used to spray onion seedlings with a spray bottle.

decoction of dandelions

wood ash

The introduction of wood ash into the soil is used by many farmers as top dressing. However, this valuable product is also effective in pest control. Having diluted the ashes obtained from the burning of dry branches, snags and leaves with water, the summer resident must pour the beds with onions with a solution. This simple manipulation will scare away pests and make the harvest of high quality and plentiful.

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The use of potassium permanganate

Another inexpensive pharmacy drug is potassium permanganate, which farmers can also use in agriculture. Its solution, having antibacterial properties, improves the quality of the soil and allows you to fight pests. Processing of onion seedlings with a manganese solution is carried out in stages. The first time a very weak solution is used, and 12-14 days after the start of treatment, the procedure is repeated, at the same time increasing the concentration of the drug in water.

Copper oxychloride

Having on hand a solution prepared from 20 grams of copper oxychloride and a bucket of water, a farmer can get rid of the worms that destroy the onion crop on his plot. The resulting solution is applied by irrigation method. For better efficiency, it is permissible to add another component – 20 grams of soap, which must be thoroughly dissolved in water.

The use of chemicals to control onion pests

The most widespread in the agricultural business for the fight against onion fly worms were two drugs – trichodermin and metronidazole. Using trichodermin, farmers adhere to the following scheme for applying the drug to the beds:

  • Preparation of a solution in compliance with the proportion – 3 grams of the drug per 3 liters of water.
  • Spraying onion crops with dry and calm weather.
  • Re-spraying after ten days.

Metronidazole, which has an antibacterial effect, is introduced somewhat differently:

  • First, a solution is prepared on the basis of a ten-liter bucket of water and four capsules of the drug.
  • The resulting solution is watered with onion beds.

The methods discussed in this section have proven effectiveness. They will help preserve the crop and protect seedlings from worms.

Knowing how to feed the onion from the worm and how to prevent pest damage to the beds, the farmer will be able to achieve impressive results in his business and maximize profits from the sale of agricultural products on the market.

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