Peculiarities of potato harvesters or potato harvesters

peculiarities of potato harvesters or potato harvesters Blog

Potato harvesters or potato harvesters are multifunctional technical complexes that are designed for the harvesting of potatoes by mechanized method, which implies the separation of tubers from the leaves, soil and plant impurities, followed by the accumulation of the harvested crop in a special hopper and unloading into the vehicle driving nearby.

Before starting the potato harvester in the field, the haulm must be collected by using a haulm harvester, or it can be removed in another way.

Potato harvesters or potato harvesters are divided into two categories: mounted and trailed.

Actually, the mounted and are called potato diggers, and trailed are a full-fledged potato harvester.

Farmers prefer to use potato harvesters for power tillers, as power tiller is a multifunctional device and for farming is an indispensable helper.

On which of these types of machines to stop your choice depending on the planned amount of work and efficiency.

Let’s dwell in detail on each of these categories. The hinged potato harvester is placed on the hitch of a row-crop wheeled tractor.

Its basis is the body (frame), which is about two meters long and up to one meter wide.

The frame is supported at the back by pneumatic castor wheels. The lower front part of the potato digger is generally equipped with two blades, which are oriented in a forward direction and slightly angled towards the ground.

They move forwards and backwards on their plane in order to go into the soil to a depth of about 15 to 20 cm, and due to the movement of the tractor and their own, grasp and transmit a layer of soil containing tubers upwards.

There, the pots get on a transporter made of small cross-section metal bars, the gap between which is about 2 to 3 cm.

Moving further up the conveyor belt, the soil and small remnants of vegetation fall into the gaps, and the haulm is separated from the root crops and at the exit of the conveyor belt fall out on the ground.

Naturally, this is followed by manual harvesting of the tubers. The knives and the transporter are driven by the PTO of the tractor.

Many Russian farmers have learned to make potato diggers with their own hands. Such devices are not inferior to their factory brothers.

Potato harvester is a design almost similar to the above potato harvester, identical conveyor and knives, but supplemented by tools for cleaning and separation of root crops.

It is also equipped with a special hopper for tubers. The trailed machine is much more spacious than the mounted one, about four meters long and two meters wide.

Its rear axle is based on wheels, while the front one is on a tractor hitch. It is also driven by the tractor’s PTO.

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