Potatoes for the lazy?

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I watch how my neighbors grow potatoes and feel sorry for them: they dig the ground for potatoes in the fall, dig them up in the spring, plant them – dig them again, there are already holes. It is a pity for their labors, but it is also a pity for the earth – the entire fertile layer is distorted.

I consider my method of growing less laborious, and I get more crops than the neighbors. I practically do not dig the land allotted for potatoes. Since I mainly grow early varieties (Spring), I start planting in late April – early May. Just before planting, I lay out a layer (5 cm) of compost prepared from Baikal (EM-compost) on a strip and quickly pass across this strip with a flat cutter. Then I lay out the pre-sprouted tubers and cover them with a small layer of earth (also 5 cm). This completes the landing.

As soon as shoots appear, I immediately roll them up with my head. This is how I protect seedlings from frost. When the plants reach a height of 15-20 cm, I spud a second time.

By the way, if there is no EM compost, after planting potatoes, you can shed a strip over the tubers with an EM preparation and sprinkle with sawdust for 5 cm. And then everything is the same.

I call this my agricultural technique lazy, because. planting potatoes is greatly simplified.

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