Recommendations for planting beets before winter

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Few gardeners use the method of planting beets before winter, although this method has undeniable advantages over spring. Planting beets in autumn allows you to get a crop 2-3 weeks earlier and significantly reduce the amount of subsequent spring work. We will tell you in more detail how to do it right.

Is it possible to plant beets before winter

This method is indispensable in the conditions of a short summer, when the root crops do not have time to reach the desired size. Often, due to cold weather, the soil warms up for a very long time, planting has to be postponed until early June. Then the seedlings are thinned out, for a short period the seedlings slow down their development until the roots are restored. As a result, root crops do not have time to grow to large sizes until autumn, and it is impossible to accelerate their development. Therefore, the use of winter sowing is the best way to get an excellent harvest.

Let’s dwell on the main features of using this method:

1. The first shoots appear much faster than when planting in the spring. During wintering, the seed coat swells, they germinate much better.

2. Due to early shoots, harvesting is carried out earlier than with standard planting.

3. Hardening of seeds occurs naturally, thanks to wintering in the ground, they acquire immunity to diseases, cold and other adverse conditions.

4. Seeds planted before winter begin to germinate regardless of weather conditions, and this is a significant advantage, because often spring plantings are postponed precisely because of the cold.

5. By using pre-winter seeding, you will have more free time in the spring that you can use for other things.

Planting beets before winter

To get a bountiful harvest, you should choose the right variety that is suitable for autumn sowing. Varieties Cold-resistant-19, Podzimnyaya-474, Bordeaux 237, Boltardi are resistant to cold and do not shoot.

Root crops love fertilized soil, with a water level no closer than 60 cm from the soil surface. The beds are located on the highest point of the site, protected from the winds. Due to this arrangement, the soil warms up and dries up in the spring in the fastest possible time.

planting beets before winter

Soil preparation

The soil is cultivated by digging to the depth of a shovel bayonet, bringing in 1 sq.m. area 4-6 kg. last year’s manure or compost, 60-70 g of potassium sulfate and 40-50 g of superphosphate. The dug up area is leveled with a rake and ridges are formed, directed to the south. Then grooves are formed 4 cm deep and covered with polyethylene or other improvised material so that they are not covered with snow. In addition, care should be taken to prepare the soil for backfilling the furrows. It is best to use a mixture prepared from garden soil, rotted compost and sand, mixed in equal proportions.

Recommendations for planting beets before winter

Sowing dates

The sowing period should be chosen correctly, otherwise the seeds will swell and germinate in the fall. In the climate of the middle zone, seeds are planted in mid-November, in the southern regions, in the last days of November. Seeds should not be planted in October, in warm weather they will sprout and die during frosts. Focus on the temperature: when the temperature drops to 0 degrees and the soil temperature drops to -4 degrees, the seeds can be planted.

Preparation and sowing of seeds

For winter sowing, the largest seeds are selected, before planting they are disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, thoroughly washed and dried.

Sowing is carried out with dry seeds in loose, dry soil. If there is snow on the ground, remove it with a broom or other improvised means. Seeds are laid out in furrows, leaving gaps of about 10 cm, filling them with prepared soil or soil mixture, and mulching with peat to a height of 3 cm. Watering is not carried out during autumn planting. To protect against winter cold, crops are additionally covered with sawdust, spruce branches or fallen leaves.

Recommendations for planting beets before winter

spring care

In the spring, before the snow melts, the shelter is removed, this significantly speeds up the emergence of seedlings. The topsoil is carefully loosened, fed with nitrogen fertilizers and covered with plastic wrap. Using this technique allows you to speed up the harvest by about a week. When the first shoots appear, the shelter should be removed. Urea is used as a nitrogen supplement, at the rate of 7-10 g per 1 sq.m. area.

To avoid thickening, 7 days after germination, the plants are carefully thinned out, leaving the strongest sprouts. The subsequent care is no different from the usual care of beets planted at the usual time in the spring. To avoid cracking, beets are watered regularly and evenly. In addition, loosening and removal of weeds are carried out.


We told you whether it is possible to plant beets before winter and how to do it correctly. Root crops grown in the described way are not intended for long-term storage; they are eaten in the summer, until the main crop is ripe. The time of harvesting vegetables is determined by external signs: wilting and yellowing of the tops, formed roots. The size of the root crops varies depending on the variety used.

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