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What captivates Mittlider’s technology is the minimized labor in his personal small garden. And not only this, but also the receipt of increased, sustainable yields of environmentally friendly vegetables. And this is achieved by introducing a complex of vital substances necessary for plants of 16 names, in minimal doses. It seems that these principles can be successfully extended to other household crops and, first of all, to strawberries. Her homeland is South America. It is from there that all of our many cultivars, improved by selection, have come from. Generally, the people call them – Victoria, by the name of the first grade that appeared in Russia. Sometimes it is also called strawberry. But this is wrong, because strawberries belong to a different genus, with a special original musky taste unique to it. Truth, now scientists have crossed strawberries with strawberries. The result is a wonderful hybrid – earthworm.

Our cultured strawberry has three troubles. Firstly, it grows too quickly if it is not thinned out. After a year, she will cover the area with a solid carpet and the yield will drop sharply. The second problem is gray mold. A very dangerous disease of thickened plantings, which sometimes destroys the entire crop. And finally, weeds. If you do not weed them, then do not expect a good harvest.

Is it possible to get rid of these three troubles in one fell swoop once and for all? It turns out you can. I will share my experience, which I have been successfully practicing for more than a quarter of a century. It is extremely simple. I take a roll of roofing material, cut it lengthwise into two halves 50 cm wide, and the length corresponds to the length of the ridge. The ridge is dug up and fertilized well with peat and a mixture of forest soil mixed with manure, preferably chicken. It is advisable to bring the soil from a linden forest or it is possible from an aspen, but in no way from a spruce or even worse pine – there the land is unsuitable for these purposes. In terms of mechanical composition, the best will be medium loamy soil, but not sandy loam or sandy. Then, in the middle of the half strip of roofing material, a sharpened piece of pipe with a diameter of 10 cm is cut into holes with intervals of 10 cm between them. Such a strip is spread along the prepared ridge and fixed so that it will not be blown away by the wind during the first year. One horn (rosette) of rooted strawberries is planted in the cut holes, but not whole old bushes.

Don’t be late with boarding. The best date is the end of July. In this case, you will get a good harvest of berries in the second year. And this is where the main problems end. In the second year, strawberries will fill the entire hole and prevent weeds from appearing. The raised row of strawberries is blown by the wind, which guarantees against the appearance of gray mold, leading to rotting of the fruit. And it is also important that the berries do not fall on the soil, but on the roofing material washed by the rains. And they are always clean. And, finally, there is no need for thinning strawberries and loosening the soil. That is, labor is reduced to a minimum, and the harvest is sustainable annually. Yes, you can also add that roofing material is a good mulch. The only thing to do is trim the mustache. Well, it is necessary to apply fertilizer to the holes in late autumn or early spring. Organic or better integrated mittlider.

Leave a distance of 30 cm between the ridges for the passage. The weeds between the ridges are cut with a garden shaker – it only takes a few minutes, without bending over.

Recently, due to the high cost of roofing felt, we began to spread the entire roll without dividing in half, and cut holes along it in three rows. The benefits are clear. In this case, there is no gray mold either.

One last tip. Do not plant raspberries next to strawberries. They have a common pest – the raspberry weevil. It will damage the ovaries and reduce the yield.

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