The best tomatoes for harvesting and conservation

the best tomatoes for harvesting and conservationefbfbc Blog

In this article there will be a small overview of tomatoes that are ideal for fresh consumption, as well as for conservation and harvesting.

Tomato preparations for the winter

Many of you gardeners preserve tomatoes for the winter and there is always a problem, which variety, which hybrid is best. For twists, of course, neat, even tomatoes are suitable, as you can see in the photo.


Tomato “Cherry Kokta F1”

Tomato Cherry Kokta agricultural firm
Tomato Cherry Kokta agricultural firm “Partner”

The first Tomato that we will introduce you to is Cherry Kokta F1. These tomatoes are very neat, tied according to logic, without gaps, there are a lot of brushes and we think that from one such bush you will be able to preserve several jars. Tomatoes are dense, do not crack, the skins do not burst in blanks. In size and consistency, they are ideal for jars.

Cherry Kokta F1
Cherry Kokta F1

Another good thing about these tomatoes is that they are compact with their yield, you can plant them more densely. Another advantage of this variety of tomatoes is for summer residents who do not often go to the country and want to avoid problems when the tomatoes drive out the pasanki very much.

Tomatoes for twists for the winter
Tomatoes for twists for the winter

Just this tomato – “Cherry Kokta F1” will suit you, it does not drive out the stepsanks so much, it will be enough to come to the dacha once a week and remove them. This variety of tomato is grown from the seeds of the agricultural company partner, it is ideal for conservation and for fresh consumption.

Tomato “Cherry Little Pinky F1”

Tomato Little Pinky F1 Partner
Tomato Little Pinky F1 agricultural firm Partner

The next interesting variety of tomato that we want to tell you about is the Cherry Little Pinky F1 tomato. In size, it is about the same as the previous hybrid, the difference is only in color.

Tomato Little Pinky F1 partner

These tomatoes have a raspberry color, but otherwise it resembles the F1 Cherry Cocta tomato. It is just as dense to the touch, and is also ideal for fresh consumption and for preserving jars for the winter.

Tomato Little Pinky F1
Tomato Little Pinky F1

Tomato “Cherry Little Pinky F1” is famous for its good yield, there are a lot of fruits on the bush. This tomato was also grown from the seeds of the partner agricultural company.

Tomato “Cherry Zlatoyar F1”

Cherry tomato Zlatoyar agricultural firm Partner
Cherry tomato Zlatoyar agricultural firm Partner

We present to your attention the third variety of tomato, which is called “Cherry Zlatoyar F1”. The photo shows what an amazing yield this hybrid has, it knits tomatoes without gaps, the brushes go one by one. Tomatoes grow at a height of up to three meters at the beginning of August, they are early, super productive.

Tomato Cherry Zlatoyar F1

If you have a high greenhouse, then you definitely need to plant this tomato and at the beginning – in the middle of August, you will be hung with fruits to the full height. This variety is very tasty, very productive, it is also ideal for preservation in jars.

Tomato Cherry Zlatoyar F1
Tomato Cherry Zlatoyar F1

Another advantage of this tomato is that it has a very small place for attaching the fruit, it is one of the most resistant to diseases and is practically not subject to any diseases. Tomato “Cherry Zlatoyar F1” has an excellent yield, amazing taste, good both fresh and for pickling.

You can preserve all three hybrids that we mentioned in this article separately, or you can also put three tomatoes in a jar at once: pink, red and rich yellow. This combination looks amazingly beautiful and very, very tasty.

We talked about a small list of tomato varieties grown from Partner seeds. Tomatoes are suitable for both fresh consumption and canning.

Have a good harvest and delicious preparations!

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