The process of preparing raspberries for winter. How and when to prune raspberries

the process of preparing raspberries for winter how and when to prune raspberries Blog

Raspberry bushes should be prepared for wintering at the end of September or the beginning of October, that is, until the time when the air temperature drops below zero. For the winter, raspberries are bent down, but before that, bushes are prepared.

How to prune raspberries in autumn to prepare for winter? On each bush, we remove all old dry and young thin branches under the root. After removing the extra processes, we should only have thick new trunks, which are shortened from above by 10-20 centimeters. The distance between the bushes should be about 60 cm, if the bush has grown, then chop off the extra trunks with a shovel. These simple recommendations will increase the yield and positively affect the size of the fruit.

Before wintering raspberries, it is necessary to remove leaves from its bushes. This should be done very carefully, without damaging the kidneys. Here you can use the following method: put on a mitten or glove and run it along the escape from the bottom up. This will remove the leaves without damaging the buds. Leaves should not be left, as they become damp, rot and burn the buds. Removing the leaves is worth taking time.
After cleaning the bushes from the leaves, you can bend the raspberries to the ground and secure with wire. You should bend down as low as possible (below 50 centimeters) so that the raspberries do not remain above the snow cover and do not freeze.
In order for the shrub to overwinter well, it is not enough just to clear it of leaves and bend it low to the ground. In winter, it is also necessary to monitor the plant. It will be necessary to add snow if it turns out to be small and the raspberries are not completely covered, remove the snow crust when it appears, so that the air can freely pass to the raspberries.
In winter, the bushes should be completely covered with snow. This will protect the raspberries from both frost and hares . If we want to additionally protect the bushes with a layer of straw, then it should be about 20-25 centimeters. And it is better to place this straw in a compost heap in the fall so that mice do not penetrate the raspberries in winter.
If we performed all the steps correctly, then most of the shoots should winter well. Shoots that are badly damaged by frost must be removed so that the rest of the bushes do not become diseased. To do this, you need to carefully inspect all the bushes, freeing them from snow. It is best to do this in early spring, when the plants are still dormant.

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