Two crops from one potato bush

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Why is it beneficial to plant early potatoes?

It is very profitable to plant varieties of early potatoes. Firstly, because if you germinate it well before planting, or even grow roots for each sprout (for this, you should germinate in the light, but in plastic bags, where there is a lot of moisture and heat), then at the end of June you can get a crop young potatoes with tubers the size of a chicken egg or even a fist.

Secondly, two crops can be obtained from these bushes. When you dig up young potatoes in June, try to injure the roots of the bush as little as possible. After removing the bush from the ground, carefully pick out the largest tubers. Then plant the bush again. A hole for this needs to be prepared in advance. Fill this hole with fertile soil, lower the roots of the plant with small nodules remaining on them, fill it up and water it very strongly. The next day, this bush should be watered again abundantly. If after watering the earth settles, you need to pour it a little higher than the tops were covered before. It is not necessary to fall asleep very high, otherwise new roots will begin to grow from the stems and small nodules will form. Now it’s useless, because summer will soon end. Let those nodules that are already on this bush ripen well.

What varieties are suitable for a second crop?

The following varieties of potatoes are suitable for such a second crop in the Urals: Beloyarsky early, Spring, Iskra, Fresco, Zhukovsky early, Priekulsky early, Vyatka, Luck, Karin, Aksu.

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