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Today I will tell you about one new product – frost-resistant watermelon. This is another miracle of selection from the group of hardy crops for the North.

Amateur gardeners grow watermelons of ordinary varieties on high manure beds, but, unfortunately, the results of such attempts leave much to be desired. With the use of a new variety of increased cold resistance, you don’t have to worry: the plant will thank you with an excellent harvest even in unfavorable years.

Planting a watermelon

Planted with unsprouted seeds directly in open ground at the earliest possible date. Seedlings withstand frost down to -6 degrees. However, it is recommended to cover the seedlings with a film or a special material such as Lutrasil for faster plant development. One or two seeds are planted in the hole to a depth of 4-6 cm. The sunniest and most wind-protected place is chosen for planting.

Seedlings appear on the 10-12th day. In the phase of two true leaves, plants are fed at a normal concentration with a solution of urea, then, once every 10 days, the watermelon is fertilized with complex complete fertilizer (those who are suspicious of chemistry can use ash infusion).

Watered as needed. It should be borne in mind that any plants of the frost-resistant group are NOT WATERED if there is a threat of frost.

Watermelon care in the Urals

Caring for mature plants is not difficult. Timely shallow loosening and monitoring of soil moisture – these two conditions will allow you to get your watermelons as early as possible.

It is recommended to leave no more than two ovaries on the whip. The rest, appearing later, – delete. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a large number of very small fruitlets.

Watermelons ripen in late June – early July (in the northern regions – one and a half to two weeks later). The taste of this new variety is simply excellent! Sugar pulp, a small amount of seeds, dark red color – this hybrid will give a hundred points ahead of its southern counterpart.

Even here in the Volga region, this new watermelon is grown, despite the fact that climatic conditions allow planting ordinary varieties.

I recommend it to all vegetable growers of the Urals.

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