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Surely, many grow watermelons on their plots. But the majority still buy imported watermelons at exorbitant prices – from the southern regions. I don’t know about you, but I always treat such gifts from the south with some degree of apprehension. In pursuit of the ruble, merchants go to any tricks, and our health is indifferent to them. Therefore, it is still much better and safer (and in today’s conditions much cheaper) to grow gourds in your country house.

In the Ural Laboratory of Breeding and Seed Production (operating, by the way, on a voluntary basis and consisting of a small staff of agricultural academies), a new, truly unique watermelon hybrid Sibiryak-97 has been bred. In the experiment, it withstands a short-term decrease in temperature to -4-6°C (in the seedling phase) and to -3-7°C in the phase of two true leaves. The fruits of Sibiryak-97 are 2-2.5 times larger than those of the well-known Ogonyok, the pulp is sweet, crumbly. There are few seeds.

Test results of watermelon Sibiryak 97

Two years ago, we sent the seeds of our watermelons to completely different testers from a beginner to a candidate of agricultural sciences with the only request – to plant them on their plots and observe the vegetation. The regions located in the zone of so-called risky farming (Perm, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk, etc.) were specially chosen. In autumn we received 36 reviews. In 32 of them – encouraging results. Our seeds withstood both small cold matinees and real frosts (we recorded a record in the city of Topki, Kemerovo Region: 6 out of 10 plants perfectly tolerated frost at -6 ° C). Today, our seeds are dispersed in most regions of Russia. Sometimes we are very surprised when we receive letters from the south. Why do they need frost-resistant crops? In the same Stavropol region, any other varieties grow well. However, human rumor knows no boundaries. As far as possible, we do not refuse anyone, we send seeds to everyone, although this creates some difficulties for us. But we always fulfill the requests of summer residents.

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