What is the process of plowing

what is the process of plowing Blog

Plowing is referred to as comprehensive tillage with a mouldboard plow. During this plowing the top layer of soil is turned, crumbled and mixed. Carrying out plowing of farmland with an area of more than 1 hectare is a labor-intensive task and requires prior preparation. Simple digging with a shovel is sufficient only in the case of a small garden plot.

At first it is necessary to determine:

the depth of plowing, its direction, based on the type of soil;
The needs of the crop to be grown on the given piece of land;
the degree of weed infestation;
the protection against erosion caused by the wind;
meltwater content.
Determining correctly all of the above criteria for proper plowing of a plot, without being an agronomist, is quite difficult, in some ways even unfeasible. That is why, often, the best option is to turn to specialized companies that perform high-quality plowing of large areas, to get in the future a rich harvest.

Plowing, performed by tractor equipment is divided into:

In the case of the first, there is a turnover of the soil layer, its crushing and mixing of the ground with partial trimming of weeds. Shallow plowing provides deep loosening of the soil.

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