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When the leaves are still young on it, they look like dill with the aroma of dill mixed with needles. This smell persists until flowering. The inflorescences look like ordinary wormwood, and smell like a mixture of wormwood, pine needles and mint. And very strongly.

Dill tree is a perennial plant, its trunk becomes woody, reaches 2-2.5 meters in height, the root system is powerful. Even if the aerial part freezes completely, it is easily restored over the summer. The dill tree can be grown in any soil by watering two to three times a week. Put a bucket of humus under the plant – that’s all the care.

Where is wormwood used?

The benefits of God’s tree are great. You can take it to the bath, to the steam room – for the smell. No other plant compares to it. Sprigs can be dried and added when pickling, pickling, pickling. The aroma is extraordinary. This spice is very good when pickling mushrooms.

You can insist alcohol or vodka on these leaves – the taste is very pleasant, and the color is light green. Just take the leaves out when the alcohol is green enough. And then the color will be too dark, and the smell – too sharp. Alcohol infusion gets a taste of wormwood from them – such wormwood vodka.

You can brew the leaves – the tea is very fragrant. In addition, the leaves are infused with olive oil and used for massage.

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